1 I am aware that retail stores are open from 9:00/10:00 a.m. to 6:00/7:00 p.m. Grocery stores/supermarkets are open for longer hours.
2 I am aware that haggling is a common practice in open markets in the Spanish-speaking world.
3 I am aware that there are modern mall and luxurious malls in all Hispanic countries, however, most people prefer to buy in smaller specialized stores or from street vendors.
4 I am aware that there are small grocery stores all over the city and on the first floors of apartment buildings, where most people get  their daily fresh bread and milk.
5 I am aware that gratitude is not frequently expressed for mere courtesy in customer service situations.
6 I am aware that many people in Spanish-speaking countries prefer to shop in locally-owned small businesses, such as “panaderías” with fresh-baked bread and “zapaterías” with home-made shoes, though multi-national department stores are increasing in popularity.
7 I am aware that returns and refunds, if they happen, are extremely complicated.
8 I am aware that street markets are ubiquitous and for many the preferred place to buy anything, clothes, electronic devices, etc.

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