Practices are the “how” people do things in their daily lives, such as making friends, going to school, etc.

These statements are not carved in stone and should be used wisely in order to avoid stereotypes. Although there are a great number of commonalities among Hispanic countries, their cultures are not the same. Hence, these statements should be adapted or changed to the culture of interest, e.g. Argentinean, Colombian, etc.

The main purpose of these statements is to aid teachers in the formulation of their daily teaching cultural objectives which should be linked to their communicative and linguistic objectives. The teacher may take a couple statements from Perspectives and Practices, and information from Products as an aid for writing the cultural objectives for a unit.

These statements could also be used as a self-progress cultural development tool. A teacher can select which statements are pertinent to his/her students in one particular unit and ask their students to keep track of the times that they notice/observe that behavior.

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