1 I am aware that in most Spanish-speaking countries people use 3-4 names: (First Name, (Second Name), Paternal Family Name, Maternal Family Name).  Latin America (most countries): a wife adds “de” followed by her husband’s last name at the end of her name (i.e. Amparo Mercedes García Martínez de Ortíz) Colombia: First Name, Second Name, Paternal Family Name
2 I am aware that nicknames (apodos) are very common. e.g. el pájarito. (Not only shortening of names)
3 I am aware that the –ito/a diminutive suffix is commonly used to express affection or to express “junior” (i.e. Juan, Jr. would be Juanito).
4 I am aware that in some countries the first and middle names are combined, while in others only one name is used (i.e. Shakira Isabel = Shakira, while Juan Esteban = Juanes).
5 I am aware that in Spanish names are typically sounded out by syllable rather than spelled out, because of predictable sound-letter correspondence.  Sounds with multiple possibilities are often explained (i.e. C vs. S vs. Z)

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