1 I am aware that it is typical to eat meals at home around the table with family, staying for a time afterward to converse (sobremesa).
2 I am aware that it is not common to watch TV or read the newspaper during a family meal.
3 I am aware that daily meal structure differs by region: for example, in Spain it is typical to have desayuno (breakfast), café (coffee and a small late morning snack), almuerzo (a small meal around 12:00PM), comida (a larger meal around 2:00 or 3:00PM), merienda (a late afternoon snack) and cena (a modest dinner around 10:00PM); in most Latin American countries it is more common to have 3 meals: desayuno (morning), almuerzo (noon) or comida (2:00PM) y cena (7:00PM), a time for tea or coffee, and little or no other snacking.
4 I am aware that in Spain,  after la comida (2:00-3:00 p.m.) still some people take la siesta, which is time to rest or to take a short nap, especially in smaller cities and towns.
5 I am aware that many people in big cities do not have time to go back home for the main meal of the day (almuerzo/comida) and eat in a place near their jobs.
6 I am aware that it is typical to wish others “buen provecho” while they are eating or afterward.

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