1 I am aware that people are extremely concerned with their appearance, especially women.
2 I am aware that most watch their figure and that larger sizes are difficult to find in stores.
3 I am aware that people are more active and walk more than in the US, in large part due to the use of public transportation.
4 I am aware that taking daily leisure walks with friends or family (paseos) is very common, especially after work before heading back home.
5 I am aware that many Latin Americans often use traditional/organic remedies rather than pharmaceutical medicine.
6 I am aware that medicine is typically sold without a prescription and may be sold by the dose rather than by the package.
7 I am aware that many people in Latin America trust the pharmacist’s advice rather than paying for a doctor visit, while in Spain public health (except dental and vision) visits are typically free.
8 I am aware that many people self-prescribe their medication.
9 I am aware that health care is not managed by insurance companies
10 I am aware that major cities have major pollution issues, though environmental campaigns are growing in Latin American countries and well-established in Spain.

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