1 I am aware that in many Hispanic countries, gifts for Christmas are delivered on Jan 5th or 6th (Víspera de Reyes or Día de los Reyes).
2 I am aware that only a few small gifts are given during Christmas time and only to close family, especially children, usually only 1 or 2 gifts total.
3 I am aware that holidays are more frequent than in the US and often historically religious in nature.
4 I am aware that festivals and holidays typically involve public events, such as parades and gatherings in public spaces, i.e. plazas.
5 I am aware that most festivals are national, regional, local or religious in nature and the same festivals are celebrated in many different ways (parades, religious processions, fireworks, etc.).
6 I am aware that many celebrations last for days or a week, such as Carnaval, San Fermín, las Posadas/Parrandas, la Tomatina, las Fiestas Patrias/Religiosas, etc.
7 I am aware that many religious celebrations include reenactments/processions that may seem extreme.
8 I am aware that there are a wide variety of local celebrations and festivals
9 I am aware that Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the Hispanic world.
10 I am aware that Halloween is not celebrated in the Hispanic countries. However, some countries are adopting this celebration.
11 I am aware that some Catholic festivities are official holidays.

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