1 I am aware that hosts typically insist on guests to eat or drink even after they have said, “No, thank you.”
2 I am aware that hosts typically insist on guests to stay longer ever after they have said they have to leave.
3 I am aware that when someone is invited to a party or ceremony they may bring extra guests without asking.
4 I am aware that when inviting family or friends to an event, the hosts will strongly insist that the guest attend even after they have rejected the invitation.
5 I am aware that it is common to name “padrinos” and “madrinas” (godparents) to contribute for specific parts of ceremonies, such as the cake, rings, etc.
6 I am aware that in some countries families celebrate their daughter’s 15th birthday with a large party similar to a wedding called a “quinceañera“, celebrating the girl’s passage from childhood into adulthood.
7 I am aware that in some countries, it is becoming more common that instead of a party for the 15th birthday, parents are giving one very expensive gift, such as a trip abroad, a car, money for plastic surgery.
8 I am aware that some people celebrate both their birthday and their saint’s day, the official day of the saint with their name, though this tradition is decreasing.
9 I am aware that celebrating one’s Saint’s Day (for example, if someone’s name is Daniel, they will celebrate the day of St. Daniel besides just celebrating their actual birthday) is more common in Spain than in Latin America.
10 I am aware that dancing is one of the main activities in celebrations.
11 I am aware that weddings, baptisms, and funerals most of the time follow the Catholic traditions.
12 I am aware that weddings do not take as much time as it does in the USA.
13 I am aware that the wedding ring is a band and does not have a diamond (one ring), and is usually worn on the right hand.

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