1 I am aware that it is common for friends to get together and sing and play the guitar, share tea or coffee and/or talk (ex. guitarreada, tertulia).
2 I am aware that it is common for friends to go dancing, have something to drink, and eat small dishes (tapas, Spain).
3 I am aware that in several Hispanic countries there is no legal age minimum for drinking.
4 I am aware that even though there are people who drink in excess, it is more common to have a couple of drinks while dancing and talking.
5 I am aware that it is very common to meet at the corner of the street or at parks to chat and tell jokes.
6 I am aware that in Hispanic countries people eat snacks out of street stands.
7 I am aware that the person who suggests an activity typically pays for it, with the expectation that someone else in the group will pay for the next activity.
8 I am aware that young people put their money together to buy things for whatever entertainment plan they have.

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