1 I am aware that seeing movies in theaters is rather expensive and seen as a special occasion, whereas it is more common to watch a movie on computer, DVD or TV at home.
2 I am aware that it is common to obtain counterfeit copies of movies in some parts of the Spanish-speaking world.
3 I am aware that most movies shown are produced in other countries such as the US and dubbed or subtitled, while Spanish-language movies are produced primarily in Spain, México and Argentina.
4 I am aware that listening to the radio at home is more common than watching TV is some places.
5 I am aware that while having a television is very common (typically one per household), it is not common to watch television as frequently or to pay for cable, satellite or streaming service.
6 I am aware that soap operas are typically shown during primetime and are a common topic of discussion in social circles.
7 I am aware that cable service is becoming more popular; hence, American programs are widely shown.

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