1 I am aware that many public universities are free or very economical. Private universities are rather expensive.
2 I am aware that in most Hispanic countries getting admitted to a public university is very competitive and it is determined by a comprehensive entrance exam.
5 I am aware that university programs have a more rigid curriculum, with very few elective courses.
6 I am aware that students take mainly courses in their field.
7 I am aware that students declare their major when they start their program and if they want to change their major, they would have to start from the very beginning.
8 I am aware that most university students live off campus. Dormitories are not very common or nonexistent.
9 I am aware that students applying for college must take an entrance exam similar to the SAT or ACT.  Each country has its own system, such as the “Selectividad” in Spain and “ICFES” in Colombia.
10 I am aware that a Master’s degree must be related to one’s undergraduate degree.
11 I am aware that most university programs are designed for one major, rather than including minors or double majors.
12 I am aware that in college, classes are typically taught in buildings specific to the related department and both teachers and students travel to different classrooms for different classes within only their department’s building.  (In Spain, university classrooms are often dedicated to only 1-3 subjects).

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