Authentic Materials
Cultural Statements
1 I am aware that terms of endearment are often used within families, i.e. mamita, papito, mijo, mija, yaya, tata
2 I am aware that spending time with family is highly valued.
3 I am aware that family members typically live, work and study close to one another, though this tradition is changing as a result of decades of emigration.
4 I am aware that children typically live with their parents until they marry or find a job far away, and then move to their own place.
5 I am aware that family structure is changing as the typical family is smaller and lives more independently than previous generations.
6 I am aware that actions and face time are valued more than letters, calls, gifts or e-mails.
7 I am aware that is acceptable to drop by family and friends and join in whatever their activities might be.
8 I am aware that middle- and upper- class families frequently hire part- or full-time maids, cooks, gardeners, etc.
9 I am aware that children do not frequently have chores in middle- and upper-class families in Latin America.

Recursos auténticos:

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