1 Few people work on what they really enjoy; most work to cover monthly expenses.
2 A well paid job is more important than family.
3 Work is the only way to survive, thus, informal markets and factories have rapidly developed.
4 Profession, salary and social status are strongly linked, with few opportunities to overcome set patterns.
5 Current working conditions have generated previously unseen creativity and persistence.
6 Inequality between men and women still exists in the workplace at all levels, especially management. However, women are making headway in new fields.
7 Loyalty to one’s job is highly valued, on one hand because of the limited labor market and on the other making a change is not worth it unless absolutely necessary.
8 The working world is highly influenced by social relationships which overrun highly qualified candidates. Hence, it is extremely important to keep good family and professional connections.
9 Hierarchy has to be respected, that is, the decisions made cannot go beyond the responsibility held in any given position.
10 Offices are places of business, so they are rarely decorated, though their cleanliness is a priority.
11 Working conditions favor the employer.

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