Spiritual Values

1 A significant percentage of the Hispanic population practices religion sporadically, though with great fervor, especially during religious festivities.
2 Complicated situations often give rise to moral flexibility or inconsistency.
3 As a melting pot of local and Christian beliefs, religions have incorporated many supernatural elements that can border on superstition.
4 A place has to be protected by a religious figure such as a saint, the Virgin Mary or Christ. In that place religious celebrations are held to worship its protector saint.
5 Parishioners relate to the clergy in a submissive way, offering gifts as a way to please God. However, they do not develop close relationships among themselves.
6 Due to low income, people are not expected to give money to charity, leaving churches to balance their finances by offering services to the community, such as hospitals, schools, etc
7 In spite of rapidly changing family values, most that still exist are based on the teachings of the Catholic Church.
8 Workforce demands have changed moral and religious teachings within the family, forming a generation with core values quite different from their parents’.
9 Family should teach basic personal values, and society should reinforce them.
10 The hope that the future will be better than the present is a common drive; however, one has to work for it.

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