Social Issues

1 Democracy remains fragile because people do not believe in their representatives and, as a result, participate sporadically.
2 What comes from abroad (people and products) is viewed highly, especially if it is from Europe or the United States.
3 The economic interests of the few take precedence over the appreciation of cultural heritage, natural resources and the environment. Recently, however, there has been a strong movement to protect these values.
4 There are prejudices against ethnic tribes, black people and poor immigrants not only due to racism but also the economic conditions that these minorities have faced throughout history.
5 Social classes are tightly marked and closed, with traditional families controlling the country. However, groups of newly rich people are breaking social, cultural and educational barriers.
6 Taking care of the family is the responsibility of the individual, not of society.
7 Social mobility can be achieved by migrating to cities or other countries.
8 Getting rich quickly is viewed positively, often without regard to method.
9 The intellectual and cultural legacy is less important than the economic legacy.
10 Politics involves few people interested in improving social and economic realities.
11 Recycling is done out of necessity rather than to protect the environment.

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