1 Most Hispanics invest in something as a means of savings, such as gold, foreign currency, cattle, etc.
2 Most lack confidence in the banking system.
3 Since saving up for retirement is difficult, most people rely on their pensions.
4 Money earned is to be spent in the short-term.
5 Small, family and informal businesses are seen as a respectable alternative to unemployment and underemployment.
6 Hispanics tend to be loyal to the businesses with which they deal more frequently.
7 Credit cards and loans are more difficult to obtain and seen as less desirable than using cash or borrowing from family.
8 Material wealth is viewed with ambivalence, especially as a result of religious teachings.
9 One should always try to get the most out of any situation.
10 The feeble economies of some Hispanic countries impact decisions of integrity negatively.
11 Living in poverty makes wealth (even small) seem more powerful and influential than what wealth really is.


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