Entertainment and Art

1 Hispanics are highly creative, especially in survival and daily living matters.
2 The world of art is elitist, with great respect for European art and under appreciation of indigenous works, which are viewed somewhat despectively as mere crafts.
3 The arts are rarely supported, which makes them a nearly unprofitable occupation.
4 Street art–graffiti, cuenteros, living statues–are an expression of young people’s thoughts, though they are often undervalued by society.
5 It is important to make whatever moment as pleasing as it can be, always adding the human touch.
6 Music and dance are in one’s blood, and serve a central role in any celebration.
7 Bigger celebrations, such as holidays and quinceañeras warrant big expenditures, while smaller events involve minimal budgeting.
8 You have fun when the occasion arises, without much planning and at the least expense possible.
9 Spontaneity is the mother of entertainment.


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