1 Laws exist on paper and are generally followed when dealing with ordinary people.
2 Legal impunity frequently overrides the judicial system, especially due to high levels of corruption.
3 There is a major disinterest in learning one’s legal rights and responsibilities due to the weakness of the judicial system.
4 Poor organization in some countries is easily observed in traffic jams and innumerable waiting lines.
5 The sense of community and collaboration is evidenced by the preponderance of cooperativas.
6 There is a significant lack of confidence in politicians, and many vote because of legal obligation rather than conviction.
7 Private property is to be watched over by its owner due to the ineffectiveness of the police system.
8 Fear of personal repercussions reduces feelings of solidarity.
9 Injustice is publicly denounced (strikes, demonstrations), and though this rarely leads to results it informs the public of the situation.


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