Approach to Life

1 People try to stay positive in all situations, though they might complain without proposing a concrete solution.
2 In Latin America, due to a precarious economy, life is lived in the present, without obsessively planning for the future in personal or professional matters.
3 What society will accept often prevails over personal mores.
4 Happiness is judged by one’s relationships with others.
5 Initial enthusiasm and promises demonstrate a genuine interest, though the limitations of a given situation frequently diminish follow through.
6 Self-discipline is generally weak.
7 Many times others’ time or property is not respected.
8 Despite significant talent and desire, few dedicate themselves to research because low salaries force people to work in more than one place in order to cover daily expenses.
9 The lack of a world vision, often because of under education, leads to conformity.
10 Though most Hispanics are hard-working people, most of their achievements are underappreciated since their efforts are just enough to get by day to day.

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