History of CulturaFolio

This project took root in 2012 as a response to two dynamics in the teaching of Spanish as a second language in the United States: a) the growth of CulturaFolio as a tool for students to monitor and reflect upon their linguistic improvement without an analogue for their cultural acquisition and b) the feedback from candidates to be Spanish teachers who repeatedly indicated a lack confidence about their cultural knowledge and how to integrate culture into foreign language teaching.

The completion of this project relied not only on Dr. Espinoza’s years of experience preparing future foreign language teachers and teaching Spanish as a foreign language, but also the active participation of educators from across several Hispanic countries and disciplines. CulturaFolio owes its current form to the valuable contributions from Christopher Lemon, Nicolás Martínez Valcárcel, Pilar Romero Serrano, and David Hidalgo Giménez.  At various points in the editing process, these voices contributed to lively discussions about Hispanic culture based on the group’s combined experiences in Central and South America, and Spain.

This project has been developed in stages having different members in each of them.

  • First stage: Development of statements for Practices (Espinoza, Lemon, Hidalgo and Romero).
  • Second stage: Development of statements for values (Perspectives). (Espinoza, Lemon and Romero)
  • Third stage: Design of survey for Perspectives (Espinoza, Hidalgo and Lemon)
  • Fourth stage: Collection of survey data using feedback from native speakers (Espinoza, Lemon and Romero)
  • Fifth stage: Data Analysis (Espinoza and Lemon)
  • Sixth stage: Development of web page (Cavour, Espinoza and Lemon)
  • Currently in development: Products (Espinoza and Lemon); Activities (Lemon)
  • The final draft of “Perspectives” in particular reflects the careful consideration of feedback from over one hundred participants from twenty countries, who commented extensively on our statements.

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