Chris Lemon is a high school Spanish teacher in the World Languages Department at Northmont High School in Clayton, OH, and has taught Spanish I-IV over his career.  Previously he taught at Kenton Ridge High School in Springfield, OH and Trotwood-Madison High School in Trotwood, OH after serving as an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in Ixtapan de la Sal, México through the Fulbright-García Robles program.  He graduated from New Mexico State University December 2016 with an M.A. in Spanish Literature.  He travels extensively and besides the many months in México and four weeks in Costa Rica has also visited Perú, Ecuador, Uruguay and Spain, and has hosted visitors from Uruguay, Spain and México.  His high school courses are designed to increase the amount of meaningful exposure to comprehensible language and culture at all levels of proficiency.


Isabel J. Espinoza, now retired, made her career an associate professor of Spanish in the Department of Global Languages and Cultures at the University of Dayton. She taught  Spanish, linguistics, and foreign language learning/teaching courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. Previously she taught teacher training-related courses at the Graduate School of Education at SUNY, Buffalo. She received her M. Ed. and Ph.D. in Learning and Instruction of Second/Foreign Languages at SUNY Buffalo. Her research interests include reading strategies, second language acquisition, especially based on cognitive and brain research and culture teaching in a foreign/second language class. She also has a strong background in assessment as attested by being an OPI official tester (not active), NCATE lead reviewer, Ohio Regents Foreign Language program consultant, and developer of a comprehensive e-portfolio for the Department of Global Languages and Cultures.

Bernardo Cavour is a software and web developer at Black Knight Financial Services in Sharon, PA.  He graduated from the University of Dayton with Computer Science and Management Information Systems degrees in 2005.

A huge thanks to other contributors over the years, among them instructors, native speakers and students!

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